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Best coating equipent for DLC film
Very popular among worldwide customers
22 years of vapor deposition equipment maintenance

Special Features:
1. Multi-Function PVD Coater
2. Low working temperature
3. Adhesive coating for TiN, TiCN, CrN, etc.
4. Uniform coating distribution.

Suitable for:
1. Al-Mg alloy die casted molds
2. Plastic molds
3. Mechanical parts
4. Punches
5. Cutting or slicing tools
6. Decorative Ornaments
- Movable crucible
- Auto-feeds (raw-materials)
- Chemically stable coating
- Concentrated anode ray forms high-energy anode beam
- Convenient easy to open kiln

1. chamber size:Ø1000*800 (height)
2. coating zone:Ø200*400 (height)*8 jigs
3. gun type:HCD, Sputter, E-Gun, UBS, Arc, Ion Gun, ... etc
4. pumping speed:< 5*10-5 torr within 30 min.
5. ultimate pressure:<5*10-6 torr
6. coating pressure:2*10-3 torr~ 2*10-2 torr
7. pumping system:Rotary Pump & Turbo Pump
8. gases:Ar、N2 、 CxHyAz

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