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Superior coating equipment for DLC film
Adpoted worldwide customers
With 15 years of vapor deposition equipment maintenance

1. Nano-DLC coating
2. DLC (diamond-like carbon) is the combination of diamond (SP3) and graphite (SP2)
3. It can be applied to the molds made of sinter; optical disk, LCD and mechanical parts of low-friction cutting tools for non-ferrous metals.
1. Chamber size: Ø1000*800
2. Coating zone: Ø600*600
3. Ion sources: 4 sets
4. Pumping speed: < 5*10-5 torr within 40 min.
5. Ultimate pressure: <5*10-6 torr
6. Coating pressure: 1*10-4 torr~ 2*10-2 torr
7. Pumping systems: Rotary Pump & Turbo Pump
8. Gases: Ar、N2 、 CxHyAz

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